Aaron Hall

I am currently working on Software Development Life-Cycle tools for a large US bank. I developed a modular portal which delivers information, reports, and tools developed entirely in Python. I led the transition from hosting most of our documentation on MS Sharepoint to Sphinx. I contributed to our training platform for developers (built in a comprehensive platform with a high-level programming language delivered in part with html and CSS) as well as the training material itself (written in RST format) which I continue to contribute to. I am focused on best practices for building an optimally maintainable code base. I have worked on release management and version control of our information filtering initiative using tools that I developed in Python. I prefer elegant solutions that use our known resources to fragile and complicated hacks.

To summarize my professional career, after working in financial sales for MetLife, Ameriprise, and Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor, I became a private investment advisor for a select number of clients. I have also worked as a researcher, management consultant, business school professor, and non-profit administrator. My academic experience focuses on topics in the fields of Finance, Management, and Statistics.