Pyxley: Easy Web Applications with Flask and React.js

01:45 PM - 02:10 PM on August 16, 2015, Room 704

Nick Kridler

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Flask and React.js are a great combination for building light-weight web applications. We've developed Pyxley to provide a simple framework for building web apps and reduce the need for writing custom Javascript.


When I came to Stitch Fix, RStudio’s Shiny was our primary method of sharing insights with our business partners. However, we quickly found ourselves wanting to do things outside the range of Shiny’s capabilities. Rather than forcing myself to endure the torture of writing more R, I turned to React.js. In nearly the same amount of development time, we were able to construct faster, more flexible web applications driven by Flask. In this talk, we will present Pyxley, a library of Python and Javascript React components designed to simplify the development of chart-focused web applications. Pyxley was built on the idea that most dashboards are a series of filters and charts. We will focus on the core Filter and Chart classes and demonstrate how simple it is to integrate with existing Javascript libraries through the React framework.