Docker containers in the cloud: Provider Deathmatch

10:00 AM - 10:25 AM on August 15, 2015, Room 701

Jeff Uthaichai

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This talk will be co-presented with Chris Becker.

Running Python applications in containers has been a paradigm shift that has enabled developers to spend less time worrying about infrastructure across multiple environments. Cloud providers are catching up with this shift and have started to provide services to host containers with ease. We'll pit the big providers against each other and declare the victor.


Now that you've experimented with running your Python application in a Docker container in development, you're going to want to introduce it to the next phases of your development cycle: QA and production. Using a hosted container service is a natural choice to make to avoid having to do your own administration of the cluster management infrastructure.

In this talk, we'll review setting up a Python application in a Docker container and then go through the steps to run that container on Amazon Container Service, Google Container Engine and Microsoft Azure. We'll compare each service on simplicity to getting the container running in the service, cost to run the container there and additional features the provider offers once you've spun up your container in its ecosystem.