SQLAlchemy ORM for Beginners

02:30 PM - 03:25 PM on August 16, 2015, Room 702

Jason Myers

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We'll explore how to get started with SQLAlchemy ORM. We'll learn how to build data models, connect to databases, how the session works, and perform CRUD operations.


SQLAlchemy is a popular database framework that provides an ORM and a schema centric query language, and in this talk we will take a look how to get started with the ORM. We'll learn how to establish connections to popular databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. Then we will look at how to define our models as user classes including relationships and persist them to the database. Next, we'll cover the how the SQLAlchemy session works with typical create, update, read, and delete operations. We'll wrap up with pointers of where to go next to learn more.