Building a Real-Time Analytics Service with InfluxDB

11:15 AM - 12:10 PM on August 15, 2015, Room 704

Jeremiah Malina

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"Real-time Analytics" is a near ubiquitous term in the tech industry today and users expect dashboards to update in real-time, but providing real-time analytics can be hard and usually involves many moving parts. In this talk we'll explore how InfluxDB can simplify the real-time component of an analytics stack.


Building an analytics infrastructure is not an easy task and the Big Data ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace. To complement the canonical batch processing systems like Map Reduce and Apache Spark, tools like Spark Streaming and Apache Storm have become the go to for real-time stream processing and analytics. Unfortunately, these tools can be difficult to operate and they don't solve the entire real-time analytics problem because they require another component to store and query your real-time views of data. InfluxDB is an open-source time-series database that is built specifically with this use case in mind. In this talk we'll explore how to make use of it in Python by building a web analytics service.